Tip Tuesday

Cut Out the Fast Food

This is one of the biggest money saving tips I can give to anyone. It saves us a ton! Be prepared for days when you might not have time to make dinner and may be tempted to pick up some fast food. I always keep a couple of frozen pizzas on hand or have sandwiches already put together and waiting in the fridge. I often have already cooked taco meat in the freezer that just has to be heated for a quick meal. I even have a Gift Card to Little Ceasar’s in my purse with $10 on it. A $5 pizza will feed all of us, is ready when you walk in and is way cheaper than meals from a fast food joint. I personally would rather save the money and use it to go out to a nicer place on date night than spend it on a not so great for you meal because I am in a rush.

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