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Thrify Kids: The Cat in The Hat Activities

Finding fun educational and frugal ways to entertain my preschooler, can sometimes be a daunting task. I was lucky enough to land a freelance job a couple years ago where I spent time putting together ideas of activities that go along with movies and books that preschoolers enjoy. When I am at a loss this “library” of preschooler activities is the first place I go. They are published online already, but I thought sharing them after I use them with a follow up review of what worked and what didn’t would be nice.

Our most recent try was with The Cat in the Hat. The article suggests watching the movie Dr. Seuss’ The Cat In The Hat
and reading the book, but we only read the book. Here is a little clip of the article followed by the link to read the whole thing.

Let’s face it, kids love movies, so why not combine their love of a movie and activities that will help them learn and grow? Following are suggestions for the movie The Cat in The Hat released in 2003.

Balancing Act

Gather blocks, cups and other stackable toys. Encourage your child to see how tall they can make a tower. They will learn many principles of balancing and creating steady structures.

Read all of The Cat In the Hat article.


Another activity suggested was making and decorating a paper hat. This was by far my son’s favorite activity. We used a hat template I found over at It is meant to make an Uncle Sam hat, but we colored the stripes the other way just like the Cat in the Hat’s hat. You can get directions on making it here: Nick Jr. Uncle Sam Hat.

As I was reading the book to Aiden I also thought it might be a good idea to put together a rainy day idea jar (although I can see us using it more often i.e. when it’s really cold out or in a few months when the new baby comes during nap time). We spent some time putting together a list of things to do inside. Our list included:

Read a book.
Make cookies.
Make a blanket fort.
Draw a picture.
Have snack as a picnic in the living room.
Do a puzzle.
Play memory.
Write a note to Grandma.
Put stickers in sticker book.

I’m sure we’ll add more as we think of them. We cut them into strips and put them in a jar. So we could pick them out next time we have a rainy day and boredom strikes.

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