Project Based Writing

Much of my writing revolves around research and presentation material for large projects. I have written over 40 grant proposals for various organizations.

Heart To Heart Grant Proposal

Below is a sample of a grant proposal created for Heart to Heart International. It was successful in gaining full funding for the project through the research and proposal I created.

Heart To Heart Grant Proposal


City of Ririe Greenbelt Project

This project required research of various plants and gardening techniques for a small town that wanted to beautify and educate it’s town with a low maintenance garden walkway. It required contacting local specialists and presenting the proposed project information in a format the city council could easily understand. I compiled data from research and worked with a nearby universities agricultural department to create landscaping plans and coordinated a program that set up a relationship between the city and the university. This relationship provided undergraduate students a test garden location in the Ririe Walkway. In return these students helped maintain the other gardens and provided needed follow up maintenance to the city.

The introductory background information for the proposal is found here: xeriscape ririe

The project was a big success and later after the project was completed, I was asked to create a brochure for children who visited the walkway.

Ririe Nature Walkway Kid Brochure



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