Music Note Recognition Games Focusing on Speed

Music Note Recognition Games Focusing on Speed

Just a quick post sharing my two favorite online note recognition games that focus on speedy recognition. Both allow students at different levels to be challenged. Both come from reputable sources and websites. This is a fun thing to send to parents as another option for getting their kids excited about practice time. Students could be encouraged to practice for 10-15 minutes to earn time to play the games.

If you are a parent looking for resources for your child. I’m so glad! It’s important to remember that practicing is more than just sitting at the piano playing. Especially if you sense that they are getting frustrated. Take a break and do something that still gets them learning music. Learning happens naturally when it is enjoyable!

Whack a Note

Provided by the Kennedy Center

This game starts out easy and gets harder with each level. Easy to understand the rules and just plain fun!

Name That Note!

Start with the Beginner level. It’s plenty intense for most students. Be sure to do both treble and bass clef.

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