Online Piano Lessons: Sample Beginner Letter for Students

I have been thinking about providing piano lessons online for some time (I’ve had a lot of students move out of the area). With current events, the idea has become a necessity. So below is a letter I am sending to my students and parents to help them know how to set up for an online lesson. I hope it can help others set up their online lessons too.

Dear Piano Students and Parents,

Welcome to online piano lessons! Below are a few guidelines for being ready for an online lesson.

Please set up your device (phone, tablet, computer etc.) so that I can see you and your hands (similar to the picture below). I will have a copy of all your music, so do not worry about getting the music in the space.

Please have a pencil with you so you can mark your music when I give suggestions and so we can work on theory.

Have a notebook so you can write down assignments.

I will listen to you play an entire song and then we will discuss ways to improve and what you did well. It is hard to hear each other while playing. So I will try my hardest to talk only after playing is done. I will play some for you as well, so that you can hear rhythms, style etc. Please be a good listener during those times. You can learn a lot from hearing music! Most of the time it will be short sections.

I will be sending game ideas during the week. They are a great way to continue to learn. We will still play games during lessons too. I know everyone enjoys them!

I’m looking forward to seeing you at our next lesson!

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